Since our Foundation was established we have
committed ourselves to rescuing children who are seen
begging, loitering and destitute on the streets . Through
local Government Authorities, Street outreach and
Partnerships with other Organizations . We seek to serve
children in extremely vulnerable circumstances who have
little or no external assistance. We work with local
support teams that include other NGOs, Citizen
communities , Police, Social Welfare , Child Protection
Officers , Anti Narcotics , Doctors and Child Helpline staff
to identify children in need of rescue and create a plan of
action to remove them from street life, rehabilitate them
focusing on their physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Vision

To help/ work with government to undertake planning, research, advocacy, & where possible, practical support, towards creating systems, policies, laws & mechanisms
related to:

  1. The protection of children from physical abuse, harm and separation from family.
  2. Stopping the use and involvement of children in begging and industrial and domestic
    child labor. In accordance with Vagrancy Ordinance 1958 that prohibits beggary , Section 49 of Sindh Child Act 1955 and Sindh Child Protection Authority Act 2011
  3. Ensuring that children are not kept away from their basic right of education as envisaged in Article 25-A of Pakistan’s constitution guaranteeing the right of every child to education.
  4. Unification of all laws making child labour laws in harmony with Pakistans signing and
    ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child.

Our Mission

Developing institutional mechanism proposals for Federal and Provincial levels to
(a) remove from streets all children who are begging, on drugs, homeless, or engaged in child labor activities
(b) to create mechanisms for their housing , schooling, reunion with families and other support and developmental needs.
(c) To Ensure that Children used for the purpose of earning/income can be rescued and put into shelter homes , orphanages and educational institutions.

Our Values

Dignity, Respect and Belief – We recognize every life as a gift from God, and ensure that all our students are inherently valued and respected. We aim to inspire individual potential and empower them and create life-long learners who can contribute to society.

Need-blind approach – We are committed to providing high quality learning education to all out of school children , we cater to children in populations that are marginalized and underserved.

High Quality Instruction – We believe that employing teachers who are responsive, innovative, and skilled, as well as fueled with a passion for teaching. They form the essential
backbone to generating student and community success.

Resources – We believe that utilizing
appropriate resources including technology,
core & specialized curriculum and continued
professional development and training are essential tools for our education program.


Shaiyanne Malik

( Founder )President

Rasikh Ismail

(Treasurer )

Abdul Rafiq Khan

( Member )

Zahshanne Malik

( Member )

Natasha Jehangir

(Founder) Senior VP

Murtaza Wahab

( Member )

Meher Cawasji

( Member )

Naheed Nasir

(General Secretary )

Yaseen Siddik

( Member )

Tehseen Mazhar

( Member )

Syed Absar Hussain

( Member )


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